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Le Clos de Maussanne

From 92 € / per night
An event to celebrate in an ancient mansion of ineffable charm. The Clos de Maussanne offers all the intimacy of the location and all the majesty of its ancient building. No matter the occasion – marriage, baptism, birthday, cocktail or evening party – this former monastery will know how to enhance it and make it exceptional and unforgettable for all your become one with the place. From the first bite, you know that at Clos de Maussanne, it is the whole Mediterranean that invites itself to your table. The unique flavours of the South ravish your palate, blending together richness and sensuality. The aromas find, in this dance of the senses, that exaltation which makes Southern cuisine so typical.

Around Le Clos de Maussanne

Le Clos de Maussanne Galerie
Discovering the Le Clos de Maussanne
Health and Safety
We have implemented a very strict and precise protocol in order to guarantee impeccable hygiene. After the departure of our guests, the guest rooms and the gîte are ventilated, cleaned and disinfected. The cleaning is carried out with wearing of mask and gloves: cleaning, rinsing, drying and disinfection (handles, switches, toilets, floors are disinfected). Liquid soap is provided in each bathroom. Soap dispensers are disinfected.