Guesthouse Avignon

La Divine Comedie

From 350 € / per night
Just a step away from the sumptuous Palace of the Popes, let yourself be surprised by this magical place, subtle blend of elegance and tradition, enhanced by a touch of madness. Lulled by the soft melody of a koi carp that makes its round in the shade of the old plane trees, you will walk in the garden, eyes to the sky, feet in the grass freshly cut. The 5 suites are the fruit of a search for perfect harmony, comfort, elegance and refinement. You will dwell on every detail, a color, a pattern, a fabric, a curiosity. Each suite has its personality, its character and you will quickly feel what you need. Let your intuition speak or trust the masters of the place that will guide you in your choice so that your stay at The Divine Comedy is like a sweet dream of a child.
La Divine Comedie Galerie
Discovering the La Divine Comedie
Health and Safety
We have implemented a very strict and precise protocol in order to guarantee impeccable hygiene. After the departure of our guests, the guest rooms and the gîte are ventilated, cleaned and disinfected. The cleaning is carried out with wearing of mask and gloves: cleaning, rinsing, drying and disinfection (handles, switches, toilets, floors are disinfected). Liquid soap is provided in each bathroom. Soap dispensers are disinfected.